Whether you’re looking for an affordable appetizer option to make for a crowd or just want to make sure whatever you prepare is delicious, look no further. This easy, tasty appetizer uses barely more than a sleeve (or four!) of saltines to create a snack that your guests will rave about.

The recipe comes by way of Southern Living, and as the publication states, it is a well-known Southern dish. You may have heard these called “firecrackers,” or even “Alabama firecrackers” or “Texas firecrackers,” depending on what area of the South you were in.

All you need to bring the recipe to life are some saltine crackers, oil and spices of your choosing. Spices such as ranch seasoning, red pepper flakes and onion powder are recommended, but you can customize.

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, mix the oil and spices in a plastic bag. Add the crackers and make sure they’re soaked in the mixture. Then let it sit overnight. The next day, toss them in the oven for 15 minutes, and you’ll yield the best-tasting crackers of your life.

You can eat these crackers on their own, serve them alongside dips, soups and more. No matter how you prepare them, they’re sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

You can even skip the baking step if you really want. According to the blog Life Is Sweeter By Design, these crackers are good enough to eat after soaking for 48 hours. Once they’re coated in the spices, they’ll look like this:

Life Is Sweeter By Design

There are also versions of the recipe that use Ritz crackers instead of saltines, but that really all depends on your preference.

This recipe using Ritz crackers from The South In My Mouth includes a dipping sauce to prepare, too. The recipe for the dip is just as simple as the crackers and requires sour cream and taco seasoning. Yum!

The South In My Mouth

You can also make mini-versions of firecrackers by using oyster crackers instead. These are especially nice if you’re pairing them with soup, as they can be poured directing into your bowl as a crunchy topping. They’re also a great bite-size snack for holiday parties!

Plus, they’re so cute, as the Don’t Sweat The Recipe blog showcases:

Don’t Sweat The Recipe

You can find that recipe and even more takes on seasoned oyster crackers here.

So, who’s ready to wow a crowd with these quick, easy and affordable apps?

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