On Tuesday, Springfield Public Schools will ask the community to vote on Proposition S.

This is an 18-cent increase to the debt-service levy, phased in over two years, to fund 39 high-priority projects identified by the Community Task Force on Facilities.

District spokesman Stephen Hall tells KTTS News Proposition S is a bond issue worth $168 million.

He says the money will go toward three main issues. They are safety and security, renovation and reconstruction of facilities, and expansion of the preschool.

Hall says the district wants to install double-pointed entries at 31 schools.

“In 31 of our buildings, once people are buzzed in the office may or not be close to that main entrance,” Hall says. “That means whoever enters has full access to the building, and we know that is not optimal.”

Hall adds the double-pointed entries will be required to have a face-to-face conversation with someone in the main office. They will have to check-in, provide an ID and get their visitor tag before entering.

The money from Proposition S would also go towards renovation and reconstruction of facilities and expansion of the preschools.

Hall says the six projects that would receive the most work in terms reconstruction and renovation the Task Force chose buildings that have an average age of 86 years. They believe these buildings need the most work.

Proposition S would also allow the district to add preschool classrooms in all area of the community.

“We would add a mini-hub at Williams Elementary, new preschool classrooms at Boyd Elementary, and build a new Southwest Early Childhood Center near Carver Middle School,” Hall says.

You can find more information about Proposition S by clicking HERE.

In opposition of Proposition S, Brooke Henderson, a teacher with Springfield Public Schools, tells KY3 she will vote no. She says there is a lot of mistrust between the district and the community.

She says it’s disingenuous to sell a bond to the community based on safety and security when the district has already stated in numerous documents that they agree to increase operational funds for safety and security.

Henderson says she does feel like these changes need to be made. But she says the district can’t pass that cost along to the tax payers.

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