The one-lane bridge on Riverside Road over the Finley River in Ozark is set to be replaced next year.

The Ozark Special Road District in conjunction with Christian County and the City of Ozark has awarded
the construction contract for the Riverside Bridge to Hartman & Company, Inc. of Springfield.

Officials say the old Riverside Bridge had been damaged in numerous floods over the years and was closed after
sustaining significant damage in a July 2015 flood.

The historic bridge was dismantled and will be relocated to Finley Farms at Ozark Mill in Ozark, Missouri where it will be reconstructed to span the Finley River.

The new bridge is set to cost the 2.5-million-dollars. It’s designed by Great River Engineering in Springfield.

The threespan, 360-foot long bridge has 2 driving lanes as well as a bicycle & pedestrian lane to accommodate multi-modal uses.

The bridge will also allow school buses and emergency response vehicles to cross, reducing travel and response times.

Construction is slated to begin in January 2020. It is anticipated that construction will be completed, and
the bridge will open in the fall of 2020.