Christian County has adopted changes to its stay at home order to allow some businesses to start reopening on Monday.

It includes increasing public gathering limitations from 10 to 20 people.

Here’s more on the order:

The Christian County Commission met this morning to review and adopt changes to the
County’s “Stay at Home Order” which would begin the incremental re-opening of many local businesses and other activities.

Beginning May 4, 2020, this new order allows for locations to operate based on a
percentage of approved occupancy and the ability to maintain social distancing requirements.

It also increases the public gathering limitation from 10 to 20 individuals.

Presiding Commissioner Ralph Phillips stated, “Our intention in adopting this Order has been to remain consistent and aligned to the degree possible with the similar measures adopted by our local jurisdictions without conflicting with Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan.”

Residents of our community have acted responsibly to follow the current stay at home order set to expire on Monday, May 4, and also incorporating Center for Disease Control guidelines, as well as social distancing requirements into their daily lives.

Due to the current projected longevity of COVID-19, and the upcoming soft opening of our state and therefore our community, we strongly advise that CDC guidelines and social distancing be a continuous mantra in the lives of our community members as well
as in the operations of our local businesses.

The County Commission also agreed to extend the existing policy, with exceptions, which currently has county buildings closed to the public except by appointment but still operating to perform essential duties for another 30 days.

The small size of individual offices and social distancing requirements were
the primary concerns underlying this extension.

The two changes to this policy include:
• Re-opening the “walk-up” window at the Collector’s Office and;
• Resuming operations at the Recycle Center to self-service drop offs

Copies of the Order and associated Exhibit A signed today are available here.