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About Us

About Us

About Us


    106.7 The River:
    2330 West Grand Springfield, MO 65802

    Business Phone: (417) 865-6614
    Feedback Phone: (417) 447-1631
    Fax Number: (417) 865-9643

    Office Hours:

    Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.
    Closed holidays and weekends.

    Prizes won on 106.7 The River must be picked up at our studios.

    VP/General Manager:
    Janelle Moffett
    work: 417-447-1837
    email: janelle.moffett@summitmediacorp.com

    Program Director:
    Tom Oakes
    work: 417-447-1814
    email: tom.oakes@summitmediacorp.com

    EEO Job Notification Requests:
    Virginia Kelley
    email: Virginia.Kelley@summitmediacorp.com