Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott Goes Viral With Post On Panhandlers

A Facebook post by Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott is attracting a lot of attention, to the tune of more than 3,700 shares. 

It features a photo of items that appear to be left behind by a panhandler on the corner of Kearney and Glenstone in Springfield. 

The sheriff writes "Springfield, I know you are generous. However, when you give nice coats, food and pack a bag with gloves and sweatshirts after they have enough cash, they leave your stuff and go buy beer to enjoy back at home. Stop enabling this behavior." 

The sheriff says a friend suggested he make the post public. 

Arnott says we should be giving money to organizations where we know the dollars go. 

The post has generated a lot of reaction, with many agreeing with the sheriff and others criticizing him for questioning people who are trying to help. 


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