Police: Man And Woman Stole Identities, Cars

Police in Branson say the capture of a couple, now charged with felonies, breaks up an identity theft and stolen vehicle ring. 

Investigators say Chelcy McCollegan and David Reeves are both from Springfield. 

Police say they broke into more than 50 vehicles across both cities and stole several vehicles. 

Officers are trying to find all of the victims.


Detectives went to Green Mountain Drive in Branson and located two stolen vehicles taken from the City of Springfield while conducting surveillance on the location.

Chelcy McCollegan, age 25 from Springfield, MO and David Reeves, age 29 also from Springfield, were taken into custody by Branson Police on outstanding Greene County warrants and for other thefts after exiting an undisclosed residence where a brief foot chase involving the male occurred on Tuesday.

Numerous stolen items were recovered from the two suspects and from the stolen vehicles including stolen pieces of identification along with forged documents, stolen handguns and other illegally obtained items. As the investigation continues, officers are contacting victims of these crimes, recovering additional stolen vehicles, and notifying identity theft victims to monitor their credit.

McCollegan has been charged with Tampering in the 1st degree with a bond of $25,000 while Reeves has been charged with Trafficking in Stolen Identities with a bond of $25,000. Both individuals are being held in Taney County Jail and had additional warrants from Greene County. Police anticipate additional charges from Taney County.

To provide tips or knowledge of any suspicious activity, individuals can help fight crime in Branson by contacting the Branson Police Department at 417.337.8534. 

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