The Army Is Hiring, More Troops Going Through Fort Leonard Wood

The Army has announced its troop levels are about to go up this year, and that means a boost of 4,500 soldiers going through Fort Leonard Wood’s Basic Combat Training.

The Army says nationwide, plans are to increase the force by 28,000 in the Army, Army Reserve and the National Guard.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Harrisonville) issued the following statement regarding the Army’s announcement it will increase troop levels for fiscal year 2017, increasing the number of soldiers expected to go through basic combat training at Fort Leonard Wood:

 “Fort Leonard Wood plays a vital role in the formation of our soldiers. The Army’s announcement underscores the value and importance of Fort Leonard Wood’s Basic Combat Training mission in providing our soldiers with unmatched combat training as they prepare to face the threats of today and keep Americans safe at home and abroad. This is great news for national defense, our soldiers, and the surrounding communities in Missouri’s Fourth that are proud to have Fort Leonard Wood as a neighbor.”

Hartzler, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, represents Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District, which is home to Fort Leonard Wood, in the U.S. House of Representatives.


The Army announced today that its troop levels for fiscal year 2017 will increase to 1.018 million Soldiers, a net gain of 28,000 Soldiers across the Total Force - Regular Army, National Guard and Army Reserve.

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