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Though Casper's has only been in its current location for the past 25 years, it is still considered the olderst diner on route 66. With such a  reputation, us Divers had to find our what it was all about. 

One word: Chili.

Everything they serve revolves around chili. For less than $35  you can even buy a gallon of it. 

There are a few chili-less options such as plain burgers or hot dogs, however, the option of adding chili is always there.

Two of us opted for Frito pie and man did they deliver. What would be a challenge worthy amount of Fritos, chili and cheese was placed in front of us waiting to be devoured. Thankfully we didn't fill up on the Cracker App that was served first. This included saltines with our choice of hot sauce or seasoned salt.

The food was great however the real experience was the building and decorations. It would take someone a dozen visits just to fully take in each knickknack and poster on the walls.

Diver's Tip: Bring cash to save a $1 at the register and get there early, limited seating. 

Diver's Break Down|

Signature Dish: Chili

Location: 601 W Walnut St, Springfield, MO 65806



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